How much does the ticket cost?


All plans have the same unlimited license and full access to every product in the catalog. 
The difference between them is based on the weeks and the number of active days of reservation.



3 weekly plans:



  • Studio - Video  €1000 Valid for 4 Weeks

  • Media - Video + Audio  €2500 Valid for 8 Weeks

  • Universal - Video + Audio + Visual  €5000 Valid for 13 Weeks



How do I pay?



You can pay with PayPal or a credit card. It's simple, there is no risk and you will have immediate

access to the entire catalog, according to your plan.



Are there any additional costs after I have paid for my ticket?


No! We have no hidden fees. However, we offer the option to upgrade your plan.




Is the ticket renewed automatically?

Your license will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel.




How and when can I cancel my ticket?


If you signed up with PayPal, you can easily cancel your ticket through your Paypal account.

If you used a credit card when subscribing, please contact our Support Team directly at any time

before your ticket expires.




After I have renewed my ticket can I choose to cancel and not be charged for that time? How long after renewal do I have to cancel?


You have 2 days to cancel your ticket if you have not downloaded any file.