What is Universiv Media ?



A unique fusion of productions that connect people to brands by creating content.



The site offers three plans:


  • Studio - Video

  • Media - Video + Audio

  • Universal - Video + Audio + Visual



The content is created by the Founder and a growing community of independent filmmakers from around the world. It is updated constantly with new productions, making a ticket to Universiv Media continuously and consistently valuable.



How much does each plan cost, and what do I get with each plan? Our plans are as follows:




  • With Universiv Studio, you get unlimited access to every product in the Video catalog. 1x Visual and 2x Audio offers from the Media & Universal catalog. Each video can be stored, downloaded or shared in PROfile.




  • With Universiv Media, you get unlimited access to every product in the Video & Audio catalog. Universiv PROfile is available after each reservation. You do not get access to everything, however. 6x Visual offers from the Universal catalog. Each production is an element that builds your PROfile.





  • With Universal, you get unlimited access to every product in the Video, Audio & Visual catalog. Universal is designed to provide full freedom to any brands and anyone else who’s involved in communication. The unlimited license makes Universiv Media the ideal source for all types of brands looking for the perfect solution to remain in the audience's memory.



When and why was Universiv Media created?



No one needs to be reminded how over the last 20 years, the entire way we work, play and communicate has been turned on its head. But for some reason, the traditional advertising agency model is still stuck in the 20th Century.

Universiv Media was created by Dervinci, a Visionary leader who've mastered the way people consume information online. From its launch in the Spring of 2018, Universiv Media has focused on creating a unique fusion of productions that

that connect people to brands by creating content.